NABA elections

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Wed Nov 26 08:56:51 EST 2003

admittedly I don't pay much attention to this sort of thing, but JG has
thrown his hat in the ring, and if anyone (Ron? Harry? Bob Pyle?) can
muster enough support before Dec. 8, you can take over this enormous
organization, consort with kings, save whole species of butterfly with a
grand gesture, have the state of Florida bow down before you ...
That gives you a bit more than a week to muster your supporters, with 
plenty of free time if your turkey does not command your attention.
candidates do need to be NABA members, but that is just a matter of a
quick $30.

so ... whom shall I write in? and are we cross with the rest of the
board of directors? Would we like a fresh slate?

I think the candidate needs to be someone who would enjoy the job.
That's probably a very short list. I am not on it, of course.

have they been having elections all along, and we just didn't notice?
Folks have complained that he seems to be emperor for life, but
apparently not.

Wouldn't it be a surprise for NABA to have the election become real and 
serious? I imagine that most members wouldn't even bother sending in 
their ballots, unless they waged a major Internet campaign.

take note, if you vote, that write-in candidates get written on a 
separate piece of paper, to be included with your ballot.

anne kilmer
South Florida


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