NW Lepidopterists' workshop announcement

Andrew Brower browera at science.oregonstate.edu
Thu Oct 2 13:36:24 EDT 2003

Hi all,

The Northwestern Lepidopterists' workshop will be held Oct. 25-26 at 
Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

This year the meeting will be hosted by the Department of Zoology, the 
new academic home of hosts Paul Hammond and Andy Brower and of the 
Oregon State Arthropod Collection.

Registration begins at 9 am in Cordley hall 2113, and show-and-tell 
specimens can be set up in Cordley 1070.

The program this year will emphasize blues and coppers (eps. 
Euphilotes), Euphydryas, Melitaea and Colias, so if you have specimens 
from interesting localities or things you want help identifying, bring 
them along!

Specimens from recent field trips, or anything new and interesting are 
also welcome.

Andy Warren will present the evening talk:  The last great frontier:  

For more information, contact me by e-mail.

Hope to see you here!

Andy Brower


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