Arizona Butterfly Places

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Tue Oct 7 19:12:28 EDT 2003

Thanks for the question on Arizona sites Hank.  I really am not a butterfly 
person, so cannot add much there.  For moths however, Yuma, where I live, is 
not the richest of locations, especially in the summer months.  However, we have 
a very active mothing season from November to April.  We have a great 
diversity at that time of year, particularly in some of the smaller moths.

I like to get out into the small mountain washes near here, in the Gila 
Mountains near Telegraph Pass, the Mohawk Mountains near milepost 55 on I8 and on 
Highway 95 near where the Kofa Mountains border the road.  I have also found 
the area between Why and Ajo to be quite productive in early spring.  I have 
just started to sample the area between Gila Bend and Casa Grande off Vekol Road 
and that has had some nice unusual species.  Of course, none of these can hold 
a candle to the Southeast during monsoon time, or to any of the higher 
locations that receive more rainfall, but we hold our own in the lower desert during 
the winter months of the year.

Ian Watkinson, Yuma.


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