[leps-talk] Re: Brower replies- The most recent ranting aboutmonarch butterfly conservation

Stanley A. Gorodenski stan_gorodenski at asualumni.org
Sun Oct 12 20:56:06 EDT 2003

I have been away for a few days and am only now reading my messages.

Charles, yes, I agree all this could have been avoided. You may have 
felt my private statement to you was a low blow directed against your 
father but it was not. I have no idea who your father was and did not 
know him either. I also do not know you except from this list.

I propose henceforth that we keep the private communications we had 
private instead of always alluding to them in public. I feel that when 
private communications are made public they are almost always misleading 
to the reader because they are subject to the interpretation of the 
sender, and they are always out of the context in which they occurred. 
If you wish to discuss this send me a private message and maybe we can 
correct any misunderstandings we may have of each other in private 
instead of in public. According to Woody, it sounds like you are a 
decent fellow and do not hold grudges.

Charles Bordelon wrote:

>Re: [leps-talk] Re: Brower replies- The most recent ranting about monarch butterfly conservationThank you, Woody.  I wish to extend my apologies to all concerned.  I was really ready to let all of this slide, until my late father was dragged into this.  I still mourn for him.  I felt it was a low blow, and I lost it.  My only excuse.  At least I know who my friends are, as they know me.  This all could have been avoided.  cb  


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