Tagged monarch recovered in St. Pete., FL

Dale McClung adverweb at adver-net.com
Tue Dec 7 20:15:30 EST 2004

After years of observing, I finally found that a tagged Monarch 
butterfly had reached my backyard. The butterfly arrived the first 
week of November. I netted a few gravid females to restart my 
breeding stock at that time. The fall migrants are generally very 
healthy butterflies and I abandon my summer stock for fresh genetics. 
I found the butterfly expired as I was cleaning the aviary later. To 
my amazement, there was this tag.

The tag is not a MW product. It is folded over the wing rib and square.

It reads:

Mail to
Box BF
24595 VA

Is anyone familiar with this program? I would like to send the tag 
in, but I am unsure the address as written on the tag is sufficient 
for mail delivery. If it is OK, I will send the tag in.

Dale McClung


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