Xerces Society DeWind Awards for Lepidoptera Conservation Research

Lawrence F. Gall lawrence.gall at yale.edu
Wed Dec 8 15:15:45 EST 2004

Forwarding to LEPS-L on behalf of Mace Vaughan at the Xerces Society:

>Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2004 12:18:23 -0800
>From: Mace Vaughan <mace at xerces.org>
>The application deadline for the Xerces Society's DeWind Award is December 
>15. Please forward this reminder to anyone you think would be interested 
>in applying.  Thank you.
>The Joan Mosenthal DeWind Award
>The Xerces Society is now accepting applications for two $3,750 awards for 
>research into Lepidoptera conservation (http://www.xerces.org/dewind.htm).
>The DeWind awards are given to students who are engaged in research 
>leading to a university degree related to Lepidoptera conservation and who 
>intend to continue to work in this field. All proposals must be written by 
>the student researcher. Proposed research should have a clear connection 
>to Lepidoptera conservation and must be completed in 2005. Applicants may 
>be graduate or undergraduate students; however, please note that all 
>awardees, to date, have been pursuing graduate research. Applications from 
>countries outside the United States will be considered.
>Submission Deadline for 2005 Awards
>The submission deadline is Wednesday, December 15th at 5:00 PM PST. Award 
>winners will be announced by March 14, 2005, with the awards given by May 2005.
>Instructions for Submitting the Proposal
>All proposals must be submitted by email to info at xerces.org. The proposal 
>should be attached as a single attachment in one of the following file 
>formats: Microsoft Word, RTF text, or PDF. The subject line of the email 
>should read "DeWind Award Proposal."
>Proposal Format (all text should use 12 pt font and standard margins)
>1. Cover Page (1 page).
>a. Title. List the title in CAPITAL LETTERS.
>b. Contact information. Provide the name of the contact information for 
>the applicant and his or her major advisor. Include institutional 
>affiliations, complete mailing address, and country. Also provide an email 
>address and telephone number (include country code if outside the United 
>c. Abstract. Include a project summary immediately following the title and 
>contact information. The summary should be limited to 100 words and should 
>not exceed one paragraph.
>2. Proposal body (2 pages).
>Begin with a clear statement of the problem or objectives, follow with a 
>clear methods section, and end with a substantial conclusion. The proposal 
>should include a discussion of potential conservation applications and 
>results, and what products, if any, will result from this work.
>3. Additional information.
>On separate pages, please include all of the following information: cited 
>literature, detailed project budget, timeline, and a CV (CV must be 2 
>pages or less).
>4. Please include all of these materials as a single attachment.
>For more information, including past recipients, please visit 
>The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation
>Mace Vaughan
>Conservation Director, Entomologist/Educator
>4828 SE Hawthorne Blvd.  Portland, OR  97215
>tel: 503-232-6639     fax: 503-233-6794
>email: mace at xerces.org
>website: www.xerces.org
>Since 1971, protecting the diversity of life through invertebrate 
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