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Mike Quinn ento at austin.rr.com
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Yes, this is a very informative post. For your viewing pleasure, most of the
pix can be seen here:

      Recent Rio Grande Rarities

Please feel free to back cross post this link...

Mike Quinn, Austin

(note my new email address)
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  Thought I'd forward this to leps-l as a fair percent of you folks are not
subscribed to leps-talk and this is very informative post.

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  It's about time for me to tell you about State and US records this year in
Texas...  And what a year it has been.  There will be nearly 700 entries
before all is said and done, for the SS, but here are the highlights:


  (Lyc)  Zeigleria gunzanta, 27 Jan, Hidalgo Co, Dave Hanson, and other
records. (US)
  (Hesp) Antigonus erosus, 17 Oct, Hidalgo Co., Ed Knudson.  (US)
  (Hesp) Heliopyrgus sublinea, 28 Oct, Hidalgo Co.  Ben Bashom. (US), and
other records.
  (Nymp) Temenis laothoe hondurensis, 29 Nov, Hidalgo Co., Nick Grishin (US)
  (Nymp) Greta morgane oto, 8 Dec, Hidalgo Co., David and Jan Dauphin (US)
  (Pier) Melete isandra, 20 Nov, Hidalgo Co., David and Jan Dauphin (voucher
in TLS collection) (US)
  (Pier) Itaballia demophile calydonia, 7 Dec, Hidalgo Co., David and Jan
Dauphin (US)
  (Pap) Papilio glaucus garcia(=alexiares garcia), Brewster Co, 30 May-12
June, Nick Grishin (US, confirmed).


  (Pyr) Hiliethia differentialis, 27 Oct, '86, Cameron Co.  Ed Knudson
(STATE; just determined).
  (Pyr) Crocidocnemis pellucidalis, 30 Jun, Hidalgo, Ed Knudson (STATE)
  (Arc) Agaraea semivitera, 25 Nov, Hidalgo Co.  Ed Knudson, (US)

  9 US records!!!  11 STATE records.

  HONORABLE MENTIONS:  Zale peruncta, Allosmatia strophius, Cyanophrys
herodotus, Strymon bebrycia,  Chlosyne endeis, Euides isabella, Memphis
pithyusa, Memphis glycerium , Epiphle adrasta, Eunica monima, Rekoa palegon,
and many more.  Be sure to read the SS and upcoming articles of some of
these new US records next year.  With the Dauphins getting 3 US records in 3
weeks, and 3 weeks to go, don't be suprised if we get another one before
it's over!

   Happy, happy, and boy, am I tired!  Around 4-to 500 county records, to
boot.  Never had to count that high.  My sympathies to those who are still
working on Pi.  Sincerely,


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