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Neil Jones neil at nwjones.demon.co.uk
Fri Dec 17 23:20:18 EST 2004

Ar ddydd Llun  20fed o Ragfyr  13:42, Ysgryfennodd  Grkovich, Alex:
> 	>>>Anne actually makes a good point. I see religion as being shaped
> by the
> > societal structures that support it . God is refered to in the  Male sex.
> > ( This is the correct word NOT GENDER which is a gramatical term.)
> > because men were in charge and women subserviant. I recall in the bible
> > somewhere that permission is given to sell daughters into slavery.
> > Nice guys these prophets! :-) <<<
> 	Well...
> 	 (and I did say that I had DELETED this, but actually I read this
> while sitting in the john, which perhaps is quite fitting)...

I agree. I thought, judging by the quality of your arguments, that is where 
you got all your  best ideas. <grin> 

> 	 I don't know where you got this idea, but in Orthodox Christian
> Tradition, the "First Among The Saints" happens to be a Woman - Mary, The
> Theotokos, The Mother of God...Women are actually highly respected and
> revered in Authentic Christianity...The Love that the Woman gives to her
> Man is the Foundation of the Salvation of the Human Race...of course, you,
> who once indicated to me that it is "ok" for two men to lie in bed together
> and "have a good time" with each other, would hardly be expected to
> understand this...

Well homosexuals don't bother me as long as they leave me alone. I has always 
been the case that some men fall in love with each other. I prefer women but 
I am tolerant enough to let other people express their love as they are born 
to do so.
However you have expressed hatred of homosexuality before now. I am not trying 
to be offensive, but you should be aware thet there is quite a bit of 
research demonstrating that homophobia is clearly associated with repressed 
homosexual feelings. Other people on the list will know this and will have 
spotted your behaviour. I know you love me really Alex :-)

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