[leps-talk] God, Science, Faith, Evidence

Stanley A. Gorodenski stan_gorodenski at asualumni.org
Mon Dec 20 13:51:41 EST 2004

Neil Jones wrote:

>However you have expressed hatred of homosexuality before now. I am not trying 
>to be offensive, but you should be aware thet there is quite a bit of 
>research demonstrating that homophobia is clearly associated with repressed 
>homosexual feelings. Other people on the list will know this and will have 
>spotted your behaviour.

Geez! This is a loosing battle. If I were to say I love homosexuals (to 
show I am tolerant of them), then I would be branded as a homosexual. If 
I were to say I hate them (to show that I am not one), then I would be 
accused of being one because of alleged suppressed homosexual 
feelings!!!  :-D

Well, I feel this is all nonsense and is one reason why I do not belong 
to leps-talk, inasmuch as it is a worthwhile discussion group (a guess) 
otherwise. :-)


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