Inquiring information on Lepidoptera

Diana Reznikoff maripoma at
Mon Mar 1 17:34:49 EST 2004

To whom it may concern,  
	My name is Diana Reznikoff. I am in my final semester at the Friends
World Program of Long Island University. It is along name for an even
longer story, long story short Friends World is LIU’s
international program. The final requirement to graduate is to submit
a senior thesis. I am in preparations to write a senior thesis, on the
relationship of humans to lepidoptera and the importance of
environmental conservation in urban and rural habitats. In this
investigation I will be utilizing butterflies as environmental
indictors to encourage habitat renewal. I write to you in the efforts
of inquiring information on lepidoptera. I will be enthused by any
data I can get my hand on. Although I am most interested in
information concerning butterflies as indicator species, the public
attitude towards lepidoptera and the history of lepidoptera. I would
be truly grateful if you could recommend any keen literature relating
to these issues. I appreciate the time you have taken out for me.
                                    Thank you                
                                 Diana Reznikoff


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