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Richard Worth rworth at oda.state.or.us
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FYI.  Some good news

>Have you seen this, which is from the latest issue of Sierra magazine?:
>Butterfly Bodyguards
>Each year millions of monarch butterflies migrate more than 3,000 
>miles from Canada and the eastern United States to wintering grounds 
>in the oyamel fir trees of Mexico. But illegal logging has put the 
>monarch's survival at risk. To its rescue has come a Mexican 
>butterfly patrol, including 500 police as well as environmental 
>inspectors and helicopters. So far, the effort has netted 28 illegal 
>loggers and nearly 5,000 cubic yards of ill-gotten wood. Prosecutors 
>with Mexico's environmental department have promised to enforce 
>penalties, which include three- to five-year prison terms. -Marilyn 
>Berlin Snell
>We can but hope it is true and will continue.

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