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About the makeup of anti-logging organizations-- a week ago I caught a radio
news item to the effect that about 500 rod and gun clubs are circulating
petitions opposing many recent logging concessions, including about 20
fairly large clearcut-designated parcels in the Tongas National Forest. It
seems that there is a rapidly growing concern among hunters and fishermen
(those interviewed were mostly republicans and/or NRA members), that their
favored hunting and fishing spots are threatened. That's a constituency a
republican administration can't ignore in an election year.


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> Thanks, Chuck...
> The "...common wlfare..." ThAT'S what I was referring to...not the
> "...welfare..." of radical activists (of any kind), or the "...welfare of
> government..." which is of course, too often in the hands of those same
> wealthy, powerful "creatures" who likely are behind all fo these
> "conservation organization"...BTW, two things:
> 1. Ever checked out WHO is behind your org? Those of you who do subscribe?
> 2. While I am obviously NOT a Sierra Club membe, I AM a membe of two
> conservation groups...and I subscribe to tem becasue I do not (yet) see tem
> actively taking away my civil rights...for example, why is there so much
> pressure from groups like the Sierra Club to deny people access to forests?
> Why in Yosemite Valle, for example, do pamphlets state that "butterfly
> collecting" is "ILLEGAL"? Who's behind this? You know, I agree with
> President Bush on selective logging...selective loggings and fire management
> are despeately needed...don't "orgs" such as the one we've been discussing
> know this? Why would I be denied access to and colleting of butterflies in a
> National Forest? As I Citizen of the United States of America, and current
> on my Federal Taxes, somehow I thought I owned the National Forests...
> Again, more reasons to write...before we become a totally sterile
> population...which we already are, partly...most of the rest of the world
> laughs at us for our naivite...gullibility...ignorance...
> Alex


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