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Jonathan Sylvestre josylvestre at sympatico.ca
Wed Mar 10 07:59:20 EST 2004

"Grkovich, Alex" <agrkovich at tmpeng.com> a écrit dans le message de
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"why is there so much pressure from groups like the Sierra Club to deny
people access to forests?
Why in Yosemite Valle, for example, do pamphlets state that "butterfly
collecting" is "ILLEGAL"? Who's behind this? You know, I agree with
President Bush on selective logging...selective loggings and fire management
are despeately needed...don't "orgs" such as the one we've been discussing
know this? Why would I be denied access to and colleting of butterflies in a
National Forest?  "

Its the same everywhere... the problem is not can we collect butterflies or
not ? or can we go in the forests ?  The problem is how many people can
collect butterflies before making all species endangered or extinct ? And
How many people can have access to the forest before making it like a ctity
park on cutted grass with undred of trails everywhere etc...

I think that we must keep "virgin" place with a very limited access...   its
the price to pay for overpopulation, if we want to keep the biodiversity



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