Did I mention that South Texas was RED HOT???

Mike Quinn Mike.Quinn at tpwd.state.tx.us
Tue Nov 2 20:17:20 EST 2004

I should have said WHITE hot:

Dean & Sally Jue of Tallahassee Florida photographed the second U.S. record
for the East-Mexican White-Skipper (Heliopetes sublinea). The First U.S.
Record was very near this location on October 23, 2004. Close examination of
the first & second record confirm that they are different individuals. Both
are fresh...

Note According to Austin & Warren, the genus should be Heliopyrgus, not

Austin, GET. & A.D. Warren. 2001. Taxonomic notes on some Neotropical
Skippers (Lepidoptera:
Hesperiidae): Pyrgus, Heliopyrgus, and Heliopetes (Pyrginae). Dugesiana


The particulars of their sightings include:

Date:  October 27, 2004
Location:  southwest "old gardens" just south of the Old
               Cemetery in Santa Ana NWR
Time of Sighting:  approximately 11:30 AM
Observers:  Dean and Sally Jue


photo of first U.S. record:

Mike Quinn, Austin


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