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Hugh McGuinness hmcguinness at ross.org
Mon Nov 15 15:35:56 EST 2004

I'm forwarding this for Bob Patterson.

		Sunday, November 14, 2004 8:05:48 PM
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From:		"Bob Patterson" <BPatter789 at aol.com>
Subject:	[moth-rah] Call for Photographs

The website called "Moth Photographers Group of Eastern North 
America" is now open to contributions of photographs from throughout 
the region.  Please visit:


If you are a collector, or have access to a collection, please 
consider contributing photographs of spread specimens so that the 
plate series can be brought to a high degree of completeness. If you 
photograph living moths your contributions will help build a library 
of pages for individual species.

I would very much appreciate it if someone would post this message at 
LEPS-L (and to any other moth lists that might be out there).  I 
don't seem to be able to successfully subscribe to that list. 


Bob Patterson


   For subscription and related information about LEPS-L visit:


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