Parasites and Monarchs

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Ron -
Humans SHOULD be part of nature.  Unfortunately by our actions in destroying the rest of nature at an increasingly rapid rate are we not putting ourselves outside of nature?
We, among all animals, and unlike the volcanoes, meteors, etc.that you mention  have the intelligence to control our wanton destruction of our beautiful God-given home.  If this sound silly to you - so be it ;-)

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  RG wrote:  "At this point someone always chimes in that "humans" are the problem because we are bringing about _unnatural_ changes.  This is the silliest thing anyone can say because it renders humans as not being a part of nature - puts us outside nature = natural process.  We are just as natural as any other organism and we can do things that shift the ecological balance just like anything else - from volcanoes to rain forests to meteors to milk. "
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