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> The words "inhuman" and “inhumane” direct us to the notion that we
usually do not consider other creatures capable of inhumane behavior.  It
is only the human animal that is inhumane.  It is “natural” for us to rape,
pillage and plunder not only the natural world, but each other.

I am one of those (moderately) against zoos because animals in such
conditions develop (or loose) _their natural_ patterns of behavior.   Thus,
they do things that are "un-natural", even to each other.  Our use of the
term "unnatural" relative to other animals is the equivalent to our use of
inhuman for ourselves.  All I have to do is coin the word inseal and have
it catch on for it to be in Webster's in 20 years. But then we would have
to coin such a word for every living thing on earth.  So instead we at
times even use the term "inhumane" in application to vicious disfunctional
animal behaviour.   So your use of words like that has little argumentative

Secondly, rape, pillage and plunder are precisely _natural_.  Totally 100%.
You are talking to a preacher, and I know you had enough Sunday School to
know what the bible says about the Carnal and Natural Man as opposed to the
Spiritual Man.  All of the "wrong" things we do as a species are dirrectly
out of the fact that we are a dichodomy - a nautral man and a spriitual
man.   If the spiritual man (that each of us is) allows the nautral man
(that each of us is) to dominate our existance we will behave "wrongly".
To correct this, it takes the element of submitting ourselves to God's
Spirit - can't do it by ourselves (humanism).  Rape is something almost all
male animals do - we are the only ones to have made it a "crime".
Homosexuality used to be "against the law" too but is now widely embrased
as simply genetic.  Same for alcholism.   Rapests have looonnnng stated
that it is not their "fault" it is in their genes.    Neil has stated the
bent to religiosity is in our genes - I can't help it.  The greatist proof
of Jehovah God and Creation is all of us.   The one very unique thing He
made.  Test the theory.  Is what He claimed to have created existant?  In
abundance.  Does it behave exactly as He stated - uniquely different from
all other animals?  Patently obvious - except to the unwise: Romans

The flaw in this whole thread is that each person is speaking of humanity
out of their own religious view of mankind -  because from the pure
Evolutional construct, it is impossible for Homo sapiens to be "evil" and
without that there can be no "crimes" against nature.  With only nature as
our progenitor, everything we do is completely a natural part of the human
species.  Many are like an HIV virus that wakes up one day and decides that
its kind is (correctly so) a disgusting and harmful thing, but, then denies
that this is exactly what makes it what it is.  It is its natural state of
being.   Odd, how it is the bible (not science) that has us IDed
correctly - we are the most disgusting and dangerous entity not only on
earth but in the Universe in our natural man.  Tadah - Adamic Sin Nature.

> It is long past time that we humans, collectively, take responsibility
for our actions, both now and in the future.  Generations hence will ask
why we were so cavalier about the gifts of this world; why were we so
wanton in our disregard for “Creation”.  Some ask these questions of our
past right now.

Correct, but this is achieved by dealing with Man as a spiritual being via
"religion".  It can not be done by secular humanism (= man can resolve his
own problems by himself).  The "why not?" is very simple, one can't solve a
spiritual problem by natural means or visa versa.

Is Homo sapiens a part of nature?  Yes and no from the religious
perspective, and because of the no he is responsible (for it) and
accountable (to God).   Only yes from the strictly evolutional perspective,
and in which he is neither responsible or accountable.   I have never heard
of any single creature or group express any complains against us nor bring
any charges - they are unaware and don't care.  So we sure aren't
accountable to them.  Our sense of responsibility is thus not due to any
complaint from things natural, it is that of god in every man - conscience.
Something only Spirit beings have.

Ron Gatrelle


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