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Neil Jones neil at nwjones.demon.co.uk
Sun Apr 10 14:34:20 EDT 2005

Patrick Foley wrote:

> Ron,
> I acknowledge your straightforward Christian analysis, very similar to
> what the Jesuits taught me (despite their reputation as theologically
> peculiar among many evangelicals).
> But, perhaps because you are not a secular humanist, a primitive
> animist, a Buddhist or a Taoist, you overstate the case for the
> separation of the natural and spiritual human. I certainly don't want to
> argue with you about your religion. I simply want people to know that
> there are very different perspectives in the very large human religious
> community. I am especially amused by the notion that evolutionary
> biologists are at a loss to find "evil" in the world. Any social
> creature (and quite a few of them are untutored in the Bible) has a very
> clear sense of what "wrong" is. Haven't you every seen asn ashamed dog,
> or a furious infant?

I think you are right Patrick. You cannot argue any kind of absolute truth
about the state of being human  from a religious perspective because there
is such a multiplicity of religions each saying different things.

Even christians don't necessarily agree about such things. It may suprise
some people here since I am a proponent of agnositicism that I had a
religious education. Quite apart from the fact that in British schools
religious education is legally compulsory. For many years I attended Sunday
school. At the bottom of my street was a Welsh Methodist Chapel and every
sunday I would be despatched there. I don't recognise much of what Ron was
preaching in his previous posting as the stuff I was taught.
I did't particularly enjoy the religious stuff but every easter we had a
Cymanfa Ganu ( Cuhmahnvah Gahnee =  hymn singing festival) or as I
knicknamed it Cymanfa Granny from the age of the average participant.
I still enjoy a good welsh hymn.

Old chapel isn't there any longer it was demolished some years ago. It isn't
just the change in religious attitudes all those Grannies and Grandpas
failed not just to pass on their religion but many even failed to pass on
the very language they worshiped in. The chapel where we held the Cymanfa
is now a Sikh Temple!

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