Case-building Lepidoterans?

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>>  Could someone help me out with the identity of a 'pest' that has been
>>  nibbling holes in the leaves of strawberry plants in my garden. I've
>>  got a freshwater entomology background so was a little surprised by
>>  this creature.
>>  Initially I thought an old grass seed-case was on the leaf, but closer
>>  inspection revealed the 'seed' was actually a caddis-like case made of
>>  small pieces of plant remains.
>>  The case is less than a centimetre long, and only a couple of mm wide.
>>  I live in Woking, Surrey, UK (in case taht's of any use). Did it crawl
>>  up the pot and onto the leaf, or hatch from an egg on the leaf and set
>  > about making a case out of pieces of the strawberry leaf?

Actually, on that sort of plant, you might also have a chrysomelid 
beetle larva; there are a few groups (especially the subfamily 
Cryptocephalinae) that make cases.


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