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Randy Emmitt birdcr at
Tue Aug 9 16:06:25 EDT 2005


I know many of you have been busy in SE AZ and have not had the time to 
look at these. I have been very busy working on the images from my Colorado 
trip. If I'm correct there's 47 species on my page from the trip see these include 2 
sub species of Silvery Checkerspot (not ours) and 3 sub species of Common 
Wood Nymph! Thanks Ron for the help on these!

  I've still got to sort the fritillaries and place them on the page, the 
IDs have been checked on most yet it wouldn't hurt to get moret feed back 
on the photos at before 
I place them on my main web site. I have labeled them from the expert help 
of several of you.

Also I need to figure out what to call the Lupine Blue/Acmon Blue  I found, 
it looks like the Acmon Blue, Plebejus acmon lutzi
, but recent accounts say its Lupine Blue, Plebejus lupini (per Ken Davenport)
for examples. Should I call it Plebejus acmon lutzi or P. lupini  (+ sub 

I found this blue puddling in Carbon Co.,Wyoming see the dorsal at 
and click on next to see the ventral I'm not sure what to call this one P. 
lupini   or what.

  There is also another photo from Wyoming that I think might be a 
Square-spotted Blue, Euphilotes battoides
any thoughts on this one? I did not see the dorsal on this one.

Then there the skippers I think this is a Pahaska Skipper, Hesperia pahaska 
but would like someone else's advice on it. See

  And there's one more skipper I'm not sure of the iD, I only managed to 
get a ventral photo of it see 
my guess is it's a Common Branded Skipper, Hesperia comma but these are 
highly variable and I'm not expert on these at all.

Thanks for your help on any and all of these and please if you find any 
errors on the site please let me know. I hope this page will be a valuable 
resource on butterflies in Colorado and Wyoming.

Cheers and many thanks!

Randy Emmitt
Rougemont, NC


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