Monarchs and Monoculture in southern Michigan

Neil Jones neil at
Mon Aug 22 05:20:02 EDT 2005

On Saturday 20 August 2005 05:59, Paul Cherubini wrote:
> Stan Gorodenski wrote:
> > Strictly in the tradition of scientific discovery through questioning
> > all possibilities, although you may have photos of Monarch caterpillars
> > and adults that appear to be healthy having completed, or in the process
> > of completing, the life cycle from egg to adult on Milkweed by BT corn
> > and Roundup ready Soybeans, are they as fertile, fecund, or viable
> > enough to make the long journey to Mexico compared to Monarchs
> > not grown near these crops?
> Stan, I cannot address your question directly, but I can tell
> you that on July 12 on the dplex-list this year Dr. Chip Taylor
> wrote that out of a total of 8,190 tag recoveries
> at the overwintering sites in Mexico over the past
> many years, the top five states that produced the most
> recoveries are: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Texas, and Oklahoma
> in that order.

Here we go again.  I happened to notice there was a full moon!:-)

As a simple point of fact you are BANNED from the dplex-l list because of your 
offensive and paranoid conspiracy theories. I presume you have been using one 
of your numerous false identities again. The list owner has told us of some 
of them. 

The simple fact is that all your pretty pictures are just anecdotal evidence. 
Sure, you've hunted down a spot where monarchs are doing well where you claim
there are GM crops grown. Anyone could do this and it proves absolutely 
nothing. The real picture is what happens over the long term over the whole 
area. The truth is simple, less habitat means less butterflies.

All we ever get is faked and distorted data. The list of people you have 
misrepresented and data you have faked is so long it would take months to 
compile it.

Nobody sensible believes anything you say any longer. You could have 
established a good reputation with your knowledge of the monarch. Instead you 
just revel in being a bad guy and a fraudster. 

Anyone involved in conserving the environment is according to you involved in 
an enormous conspiracy to dupe people. Just because you behave dishonestly 
doesn't mean everyone else stoops as low as you do.

I guess you won't listen though and all we will get is just more pretty 
pictures, grubby graphs, and dodgy data.

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