Monarchs and Monoculture in southern Michigan

Neil Jones neil at
Sat Aug 27 20:05:56 EDT 2005

On Saturday 27 August 2005 20:59, Mark Walker wrote:
> Wow, Neil - just like old times.

This is one of the best ever. I thought I'd get something out of you but this 
is pure gold. I never intended you to discredit yourself this badly.

(This posting, unlike Mark's, is intended to be read in a quiet cool almost 
whispered voice.) You don't realise what you have done do you?

 I hope others will forgive this intrusion but Mark has by his own admission 
gone over the top and been exremely offensive. 

What will anti-nuclear activists make of all of this being done by a  General 
Atomics employee? Let me tell you!. It is pure gold. Just sit and think about 
what you just did when you "Went postal" at me. Combined with your history
as a "science denyer" it is pure gold.


>and I am
> currently a senior scientist for General Atomics, where I specialize in the
> specification of software architectures for intelligent systems.
> Fortunately for me, no one consulted Neil Jones to see if I possessed any
> technical skills.

Mark I do pay attention. I do know what you do for a living. I just didn't 
know the precise details of the latest job. You've told us often enough.  
Just to prove it. Your wife Maria Fernanda is originally from Cuba. She and 
her mother Alicia left there in 1967. You have been married for 20 years, You 
have a daughter Gabrielle (13)  and a son Christian (18) and you have two 
dogs, a West Highland Terrier and an English Chocolate Labrador. ( The 
figures may be a little approximate.)

What you didn't tell us is a matter of days after you posted the reults of the 
powerful aptitude test you "left" your previous employer and became 
unemployed. You said they were "unappreciative".
I can understand why, although the exact precipitative cause is unknown to me. 
Maybe it was the public posting of the aptitude test.
Maybe a customer had commented after having searched the internet for the 
company name. I don't know. Or maybe they had just worked out what a lot of 
people here will have.  I know you will have been surounded by logical types 
like me, may be you kept blowing your top at them too? I don't know.

The fact is that you had been posting quite publicly that the science behind 
their life blood technology was all incorrect, AND  while doing it 
misunderstanding elements of what must be high school physics such as the 2nd 
law of thermodynamics.

> Also for the record, Neil, my post to you was not in defense of Paul or Ed.

You are always defending pseudoscience and your argument didn't nake sense as 

> I have nothing whatsoever to add to their discussion, unlike you - oh
> wonderful, superior intelligent one.  Forgive me for questioning you and
> your logical prowess, for I am a God-seeker, and therefore obviously not up
> to the task.

> Mark Walker

Mark you are a very charming person . You may have been able to pass exams and 
persuade people to give you a responsible job.

BUT the fact remains that on almost every occasion that a scientific debate 
has taken place on this forum you have demonstrated a lack of ability to 
think properly and logically. You are, as your profile suggests, ruled by 
your heart and not your head. This is not how a good scientist thinks.

Indeed you are so bad at understanding science that not only do you support a 
notorious paranoid "kook", you abuse others for being too logical and rant 
emotionally rather than dealing in facts when confronted in debate.

Even your calling me arrogant is a classic "aptitude typing" sign that 
phsychologists use and it shows that the results WHICH YOU CHOSE TO SHOUT TO 
THE WORLD,  are accurate.

Whatever paper qualifications you have are  rendered unimportant here. You are 
judged by your ability in debate. and it isn't good.

It isn't me saying it. I didn't publish the results of the test. YOU DID! THey 
stand on their own merits. I could be the most ( or least) arrogant person in 
the world and those facts would still hold. It would still hold that you 
didn't accept the science behind your old companies work and it would still 
hold that your regular support  of pseudoscience discredits your ability.

I have lost count of how many times I have offered you the hand of friendship 
only to be metaphorically spat in the face.

For goodness sake calm down! I have thought several times of telling you the 
effects your postings may be having on your carreer, but this time took the 

I still think your basically a nice guy. Ironically I seem to be  just a 
little better at "turn the other cheek" and "Love your neighbour" than you 

Now perhaps we can all let things cool off a little.
Neil Jones- Neil at


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