Monarchs and Monoculture in southern Michigan

Mark Walker walkerm at
Sat Aug 27 20:46:37 EDT 2005


What a wierdo.  If I didn't know you were harmless, you'd scare me with your
tendancy to record details about peoples lives.  Yes, it's been presented
publically and unashamedly, but never intended to be used the way you freely
choose to use it.

First of all, idiot, I am not now, nor was I before, raising my voice.

Second, fool, I am even now using the software from my previous employer to
solve problems.

Third, ignoramus, I'm not the one who started throwing insults at people.

But Fourth, and lastly, you are absolutely correct about my needing to turn
the other cheek.  I've provided a bad witness, but then I never professed to
be perfect.

Mark Walker


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