Monarchs and Monoculture in southern Michigan

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Sat Aug 27 21:57:15 EDT 2005

Before we leave this subject, I have some questions as to why some
thought the data was "pseudoscience". I got the data from Monarch
Watch's searchable database. I hope to do more research, (like many
others) with this data. Do you all think the data is good enough for 
As far as the numbers how many tagged Monarchs are enough?

This data below was pulled to see if there was a change
3 years before and after 2001. The numbers for Virginia, New York,
Pennsylvania, and West Virginia were pulled to see if the ratios changed 
See below.

This was not a paper being written, This post just started as some guys 
different thoughts about Monarchs and GM crops........

E = Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio
A = Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

Numbers & Year of Monarchs Tagged and Recovered in Mexico

1998     1999        2000      2001        2002      2003        2004
E - 44    E - 164    E - 37    E - 974    E - 87    E - 854    E - 70
A - 5     A - 34      A - 3     A - 84      A - 8      A - 131   A - 1

Ed Reinertsen


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