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> You've heard of people "getting their iRISH UP"? Neil is a Welshman;
> they're like terriers and snapping turtles. Won't let go till it thunders.

I am not sure about the meaning of that phrase about the Irish
It is obviously an "Americanism". If you think I am angry posting this stuff 
then you are wrong. :-)

All that you have to do to get along with me is be honest, don't act silly  
and show a little bit of respect. I also DO have a good sense of humour, it 
is just that everytime I try it someone thinks my jokes are serious.
It happens to you. Do you remember the person who took you seriously when you 
suggested releasing cappybarra on the lake by your house back in Florida?

> He is not going to go get Marks' children; he is at heart a fine fellow.

Thank you Anne. As we have met each other you will know I am not a wierdo.
> Neil and Mark have fought this out before, and in fact were good allies
> when we were all working on the Miami Blues project. Maybe their energy
> could be redirected once more into more life-affirming lines.

I actually would be happy to work with Mark.
Unfortunately as before he has gone back to working for the Miami Blue's 
destruction. He may not even realise this but he should.

BTW I notice Paul Cherubini is posting more dodgy data again. It is still as 
crap as ever in proving anything.

> Cheers
> Anne Kilmer
> May, Ireland

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