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Wed Jan 26 17:46:44 EST 2005

This may be a bit premature, but wanted to get the word out that Harry
Pavulaan and TILS (The International Lepidoptera Survey) have made the
decision to publish  the Taxonomically Correct - Index of Scientific
Butterfly Names (TC-ISBN) in sections - rather than wait until all loose
ends are tied up.  Other adjustments have been made in our original
publication plan of a few years ago.   What this means is that the first
section on the Skippers is now planned for publication as TTR 6-2 (The
Taxonomic Report) in February.  In fact, our target date is Feb. 10th.

There will be two or three sections, published as they get finished - so no
specific time frame.  Our rough draft on-line version will move from HTML to
pdf.  BUT the on line version will not have the extensive notes section -
just the index list.   We may or may not still do the interactive list as
currently started on the left of the TC-ISBN web page.   (Click on "leps
names" link at the TILS web site referenced below.)

Anyone not subscribed to TTR Volume 6 needs to do so immediately to get
this.   REMEMBER if you are subscribed to VOL. 5 (Yosemite)  (in current
production), that VOL 6 is also in current production.  These two Volumes
overlap.  This has been confusing to some who have sent in their "annual"
dues/subscription and don't realize that there are TWO subscriptions in
progress.  VOL 5 overlapped the end of VOL 4 and the beginning of VOL 6.  If
you are a subscriber and not sure if you are up-to-date, just email me.

To get current or start new subscriptions, go to and click on the subscribe link.  One can use PayPal
to pay by credit card or print out and send a check.  In Europe, it is best
to subscribe to TTR via Swets Subscription Service (or infoho at ) as this cuts out the monetary
exchange problems some have.

Re VOL 5-1: there are only about 15 copies left.  Once these are gone,
orders will be backlogged until we have at least 25 more to justify a small
print run.   The photos section (5-2) is progressing slowly and may not be
out by the Feb. 28th target publication date.)

Also note that TTR VOL 4 is no longer available in paper - CD only.

Lastly, for those who may not know, the term Taxonomically Correct is based
on the fact that the Pavulaan list is based only on published works and
criteria in the ICZN Code.  No unpublished "expert opinions".  We thus
consider this the most unbiased "list" on US / Canadian butterflies and
skippers.  Which is one reason why we prefer to call it an index and not a
check list.  All subspecies and synonymies are included.

Ronald R. Gatrelle, president
The International Lepidoptera Survey
gatrelle at
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