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Here is more info on the LepSoc/SEABA meeting in Sierra Vista.

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> Dear list,
> We've corrected the 2005 meeting forms, thanks to John Snyder, on the Lep 
> Soc web site. At least one person was quoted an incorrect rate of $79 
> double occu0pany by the Windemere. Let me know if anyone else has this 
> problem. We've extended the period for the rate forward to August 1st 
> because of the August 2nd field trips.  When you register be sure to 
> mention that you're attending the Lep Soc-SEABA meeting.
> We've had our first official registrant, a SEABA member.  Priority for the 
> different field trips will be assigned by order of registration!
> Cheers,
> Paul, Evi, and Hank


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