Where have Britain's moths gone?

Grkovich, Alex agrkovich at tmpeng.com
Tue Feb 21 11:16:27 EST 2006

Well, at least nobody seems to be blaming the little butterfly and moth collectors any more...

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> > The precise reasons for decline remain to be determined,
> > though habitat loss and climate change are highly implicated.
> In the USA, habitat loss and climate change has been
> aggravated by the public's lust for bigger and bigger
> homes and cars. It appears the same is true in Britain:
> http://www.travelfurther.net/dictionaries/driving.htm
> "A lot of people will tell you that all British cars are small! Well this 
> is not true. There are a lot of small cars here, maybe more so than in 
> the U.S., but they do have the full range. 
> SUV's are very popular here (but not called SUV, just '4x4,' 4-wheel 
> drive) and come from all brands including the Germans and Japanese. 
> Those People carriers are popular too..." 
> It also appears the British conservation societies, like the
> American conservation societies, have received more grants and
> donations over the past 30 years than all previous years combined, 
> yet neither did anything over those 30 years to reverse
> the public's lust for bigger and bigger homes and cars.  
> Paul Cherubini
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