Weidemeyer's Admiral

John Acorn janature at compusmart.ab.ca
Wed Feb 22 16:37:13 EST 2006

Hi Liz,

I don't have such a photo myself, but I wish I did!  I'll post your  
request to a few lists, and hopefully someone will volunteer to help  
you out.  Hope all is well in the sunny south!


On Feb 21, 2006, at 11:02 AM, Liz Saunders wrote:

> Hi John,
> I am putting together a 20-page booklet about the Milk River  
> Watershed,
> for the newly formed Milk River Watershed Council Canada.  One page
> features some of the species at risk in the watershed and I wanted to
> make sure that at least one invertebrate was included, so I have a
> paragraph about Weidemeyer's Admiral.  I would like to include a  
> photo,
> but it seems that photos of this species are rarer than the species
> itself.  Do you have such a thing and if so, would it be possible  
> to use
> it for this project?  Full photo credit would be given.
> I hope all is well with you,
> Liz
> elizabeth j. saunders
> sandpiper ecological research & illustration
> box 59 . monarch . alberta  . T0L 1M0 . canada
> 403.553.4800  lizs at telusplanet.net
> http://www.telusplanet.net/public/lizs/sandpiperhome.html


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