Plastic vs. glass killing jars

Kenelm W Philip fnkwp at
Fri Jan 13 02:10:21 EST 2006

> Everyone I have ever seen, met, or talked to uses glass killing jars
> with plaster bottoms, charged with ethyl acetate. I am wondering
> why no one seems to use plastic? Thanks.

Ethyl acetate will dissolve many kinds of plastic, so you have to be
sure the plastic bottle you want to use is insoluble in ethyl acetate.
I carry ethyl acetate into the field in polyethylene bottles, so I know
those are safe, and I think Nalgene is OK as well. For unknown
bottles, test first--and note that the bottle may slowly degrade over
several weeks.

An additional problem will be using plaster of Paris in the bottoms
of _flexible_ plastic jars--which could lead to breakup of the plas-
ter over time.

 			Ken Philip


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