temp/humidity levels for collections

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That's fine and no problem with that on this end...Problem is when we're gone away for 2 weeks in mid-summer and there's no one to empty the humidifier condensate bucket every day...As I said, I will really have to seal up all of the cabinets and use dessicant both inside the cabinets and probably have more of it inside each box...A pretty big job...


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Hi Bruce,

For Hong Kong (similar conditions during the wet season to Sri Lanka), I maintain the room in which the cabinets are kept at 50 to 55% r.h., although lower  values would be better, just more electricity required! I use a regular dehumidifier to maintain the r.h., which gets emptied daily during the wet season. There is an aircon fitted, but this is more for users to be in a comfortable environment - the temperature for the specimens is less critical (for users of the specimen room, the temp is set to 26°C / 79°F, which if the r.h. is around 50% is perfectly comfortable.



B Walsh <jbwalsh at u.arizona.edu> wrote: 

	I have received the following request for a curator in Sri Lanka:
	"Could you please send me information on temperature and humidity levels
	for better entomological museum collection."
	Any ideas?
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