Info on a few Giant Tiger/Flag Moths - W. Texas & NE. Mexico. etc.

Mike Quinn entomike at
Fri Feb 23 10:50:02 EST 2007

Another mid-winter's break for those up north?

Northern Giant Flag Moth
Dysschema howardi (Hy. Edwards, 1886)

Mariamne's Giant Flag Moth
Dysschema mariamne (Geyer, [1835])

Cecropia moths are already emerging in Austin. Also Chris Durden found
the first P. epimenis of the season here in Austin as well.

Grapevine Epimenis
Psychomorpha epimenis (Drury, 1782)

Finally, the recent photo quiz/query I posted was a close up lateral
head shot of a Pluto Sphinx moth...

quizzical shot posted here:

Mike Quinn, Austin, TX

Texas Entomology


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