Toronto talk: DNA Identification of Lepidoptera - Sat., Feb.24

Carolyn King cking at
Thu Feb 22 23:29:13 EST 2007

Some of you in the Toronto area may be interested in this talk at our 
monthly meeting this Saturday at the University of Toronto.

Paul Hebert

Paul Hebert is the Canada Research Chair in Molecular Biodiversity at the 
University of Guelph who has been much in the news lately. He is the 
Director of the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario and of the Canadian 
Barcode of Life Network. His laboratory has developed a speedy method of 
identifying species by DNA barcode. As a result The Consortium for the 
Barcode of Life has been established with the aim of barcoding as many of 
the world's 100+ million species as possible. More than 100 organizations 
in 39 countries are participating.
Paul's laboratory is concentrating on identifying all the known North 
American species of lepidoptera and has made excellent progress so far. He 
will be sharing his experiences on this fascinating project with us.

You can check out his Barcode of Life web site at:

Our meeting is Saturday, February 24, at 1 p.m., in the chapel in Old Vic. 

That is - Victoria College, 73 Queen's Park Cres.
On the St. George Campus map at, it is VC (a short distance 
south and east of the Museum subway stop).
Everyone is welcome.  It should be a memorable talk.
Carolyn King
Toronto Entomologists' Association
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