LepSoc *Membership Committee* includes TK.....

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Hi Mike,

Please help us to understand why you think this request is audacious.  Keep in mind that his is only one of several ways that the LepSoc is attempting to stay viable for many years to come, especially in light of an aging membership that is slowly eroding.  Reaching out to other organizations for members and valuable advice is a logical step in the right direction. A little chutzpah isn't such a bad thing.   


John Calhoun 
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  It's hard to know how to respond to this level of chutzpah. Everyone who thought this was a plan seriously needs their head capsules examined. I wonder if the LepSoc membership will go up or down...

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  Attached is the Membership Committee report 
  Sorry I can't be with you 
  Gary Anweiler 
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