Southern Moths

Hugh McGuinness hmcguinness at
Wed Oct 17 08:56:10 EDT 2007

Hello Fellow Leppers,

Has anyone else noted an incursion of southern or tropical moths to the
northeast this fall? Last night I found an Condica confederata at bait,
which is only my second Long Island (Suffolk Co., NY) record. Last Friday,
Oct 12, I saw my third Pink-spotted Hawk Moth (Agrius cingulatus) of the
season‹I had previously only recorded a single individual on Lim in 1987. In
addition, over the weekend I was going through one of my Montauk samples
from Sep 8 and I found a Hypocala andremona, which is the only LI record of
which I am currently aware. In contrast I have seen virtually no southern
Pyralids this fall. So I was wondering if other observers are seeing species
that in normally years occur to the south.


Hugh McGuinness
18 Goodfriend Drive
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East Hampton, NY, 11937
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