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Dear friends,

Some times ago we send an information about the possibility of organizing the Scarabaeologists Meeting in Nicaragua. We thanks all the people that answer us to participate. On petition of Mexican collegues, the meeting, VIII RELAS, will be organized in Mexico in 2009. A web page is organized at:



The Entomological Museum of Leon organize this year, as all years since 2000, several field trips. The "begin of the rain" field trips were in end of may and were very good. Now we organize those of "end-of rain".

A collecting field trip will be from 21st October to 2nd November 2008.

A butterfly watching field trip will be from 9 th to 23 th November 2008.

Another butterfly watching field trip will be from 25 th November to 9 th December 2008.

More information on those field trips is available on the web page:



Also on butterflies, I call your attention on a web site on Mexican Butterflies, with wonderful pictures of most of the species of this country, at:


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