my reason to think that it is P. machaon bairdii

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The specimen in the photo below does look like bairdii; but again, your specimen really does look like zelicaon (FW shape is a clue)...
Let's see what more folks on DesertLeps and/or TILS-LepsTalk have to say...


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Sorry about writing again. Someone from another website found my photo on this one, and there is a major discussion going on about the specimen at the desert leps discussion list. Below is a photo I found of a specimen identified as P. machaon bairdii that closely matches my specimen. The forewing shape in the photo, however, does not match my specimen. Normal P. zelicaon in my neighborhood have normal eyespot pupils on the upperside, but elongated and touching the margin on the underside. Here is the photo, found online in the photo gallery of an extensive Papilionid collection. 

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