Pale Swallowtail? with odd markings

Phil Huntley-Franck johnp at
Mon Aug 25 17:19:51 EDT 2008


I hope I'm doing this correctly.

I've been attempting to identify a butterfly - images taken in Elkton, 
Douglas County, Oregon on May 19, 2008.  The people at BugGuide 
suggested I contact you.

For the most part, it would seem the butterfly in question is a Pale 
Swallowtail, however, I've not been able to find images of one where 
markings on the outer margins of the hind wing are all red/orange, or 
the dark bar in the forewing is as broad as in this specimen.  Is this 
just an odd Pale Swallowtail, or is it something else?

Views of the butterfly may be found at:

Thank you for listening,

Phil Huntley-Franck

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