Noctua pronuba in SE Arizona

Bruce Walsh jbwalsh at
Sun Oct 18 14:28:33 EDT 2009

Its finally here.  Took two fresh Noctua pronuba (large yellow underwing) in
Brown Canyon, Baboq. Mts (Pima Co, AZ) on Friday.  Recall that this European
species first appeared in 1979 in Nova Scotia and has been sweeping North
American since (figured on Plate 58 of Powell and Opler).

Got very excited, as this was the first AZ record I knew about.  However,
Jennifer Bundy quickly informed me its been in Yuma for the last two years and
a quick call to Ray Nagle revealed that he took a male a few weeks ago in
Pinery Canyon in the Chirichahua Mts, as well as seeing it in Sonora in Mexico.
 Any other records from SE Arizona?




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