Moth Collecting May Soon Be Frowned Upon

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I've had the privilege of reading your missives for years now, and 
your theme is so often the same.  You frequently criticize biologists 
and ecologists for purportedly driving outsized cars, living in 
oversized houses, and trampling the world with their huge carbon 
footprints, and therefore being pretentious and hypocritical.

But one thing I've _never_ heard from you in all this time is whether 
you yourself actually practice what you preach.  What kind of car(s) 
do _you_ drive?  How big is _your_ house?  What do you have in your 
stock portfolio?  What is the environmental impact of your own lifestyle?

It's time to put your own cards on the table and show us what you're 
all about.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been curious about this.


Royce Bitzer

At 02:01 PM 9/11/2009, Carolyn King wrote:

>There you go again, making personal attacks based on no information 
>I would expect that anyone with any conscience or understanding of 
>ecosystems would choose to kill any organisms without a good 
>reason.  We may differ on our assessment of the value of a 
>particular study, but I hope that no one on this list disagree that 
>"live traps are preferable".
>For your information, Paul, none of our officers drives a big SUV ( 
>or, I believe, a van) and car-pooling is encouraged.
>Have a nice day,
>p.s.  For those of you not familiar with Paul, this sort of 
>nastiness and lack of accuracy is not unusual.
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>Re: Moth Collecting May Soon Be Frowned Upon
>The Toronto Entomologist's Association's "Collecting
>Code" says:
>Ethics of collecting:
>9. Light traps: live traps are preferable and should be
>visited regularly and the catch should not be killed
>wholesale for subsequent examination.
>So the Association is essentially saying it is unethical
>to catch a bunch of moths at a light trap and kill
>them for subsequent examination.
>But the Association has no problem with members
>or officers who drive big SUV's or Vans to butterfly
>or moth watching sites and kill twice as many leps
>and other insects as those who drive compact cars.
>Paul Cherubini
>El Dorado, Calif.
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