No one objects to the mass killing of Wasps for ID purposes

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Fri Sep 11 20:05:36 EDT 2009

While the Toronto Entomologist's Association objects,
on ethical grounds, to the killing of moths collected
at light traps for identification purposes, the organization
has no objection to the killing (via drowning) of Wasps and
Yellowjackets for identification or population abundance
monitoring purposes.

Evidence: In early August Sam Droege of the USGS posted 
the following mesage on several butterfly and insect related
list-serv's and no one from NABA or the Toronto Entomologist's
Association objected:
From: Sam Droege/USGS
Subject: Need Your Help to test a Wasp and Yellowjacket
Pilot Survey
Date: Aug. 11, 2009

All: I could use your help to run a North American pilot test
of an inexpensive trap for yellowjackets and hornets. If
successful it might result in development of a unique
long-term survey for this group.

I have been in correspondence with workers in the
Czech Republic, Great Britain, and Northwestern North
America regarding the use of traps made from plastic
drink and soda bottles partially filled with beer
or apple juice/cider. These groups have been successful
in trapping a variety of wasps.

We would like to see something similar tested throughout
the continent, this year we would like to get a feel for
what species and situations might be most useful prior
to do a larger and more statistical rigorous set of trials.

This time of year is when populations of these
colonial species are at their height and thus this email
to encourage you participation.

Sam Droege


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