FW: OTS course Tropical Butterfly Ecology 14-28 May 2010

Bruce Walsh jbwalsh at u.arizona.edu
Fri Feb 12 16:37:08 EST 2010

Greetings Lepsters:

There are two Lepidoptera courses this year that might be of interest that I'm
involved in teaching.

Dave Wagner just sent around the OTS course on Tropical Butterfly 
Ecology, while
there is also the "lep-course" held at the Southwest Research Station (here in
Arizona) in August.

The OTS course is in Costa Rica,   runs 14-28 May, and features Phil 
Devries and
local expert Isidro Chacon, two fantastic biologists.  I'm along for 
the ride as
the consulting statistician and field hand for this course, which focuses on
using Tropical Butterflies as model systems for ecological questions (i.e., I
like working with butterflies in the tropics, what can I do?).

The lep course (www.lepcourse.org) runs from 7-14 August at the SW Research
Station in the CHirichanua Mountains of SE Arizona.  Not quite the 
tropics, but
the diversity here is just fantastic.  The focus of the lep course is
lepidoptera (both larvae and adult) identification.  If you want to learn your
moths, this is the place! The heavy-hitter instructors are John Brown
(Smithsonian), Jim Miller (AMNH), and Chris Schmit (CNC), with local experts
Jim Brock, P. D. Hulce, Ray Nagle, Ian Watkinson, and myself).

Obviously, folks are welcome to take both!




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