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A couple of questions - Can both of these species  use the same paintbrush 
and does anyone know the species of this plant.   And does anyone know if 
these species ever hybridize?  Also do either of  these ever hybridize with C. 
cynea (Black  Checkerspot)?

The shrub is Castilleja lanata. They might hybridize but have not seen any  
specimens to indicate that they do.
As far as I have seen cyneas and fulvia do not hybridize and remain  
reproductively isolated. They rarely are found together despite the close (and I  
mean really close) proximity to each other and literature reports to the  
contrary. I have only ever seen two fulvia in Garden Canyon. Once there  were 
single adults of both fulvia and cyneas on Mimosa ten yards apart near  
Scheelite Canyon. That is the only time in 30 years of experience with these two 
 that I have seen them together. I wonder if cyneas doesn't occasionally 
wander  down to Crump Hill? I almost doubt they do since you don't have it 
from your  yard yet do you?
Jim B
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