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I received this a short time ago.  I know that some of you are very
interested in Asian butterflies.
Apparently Mr. Berezhnoi also conducts collecting tours in that area. 

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Dear Sir,
I would like to offer you an interesting and large book about butterflies of
North Asia. See a reference below. The book includes many species of North
America (but Asian subspecies) and will be useful for US butterfly studies.
I can send also some photos of book pages.
Best wishes,
Yuri Berezhnoi
Vladivostok, Russia
(collecting tours in Russia, entomological books & rare insects)

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> The butterflies of North Asia (Asian part of Russia) in Nature by 
> Pavel Gorbunov & Oleg Kosterin
> Volume 1. 2003. Moscow & Cheliabinsk, 300x235 mm, 783 col photos, col
maps, index, In English. Hdb, 392pp.
> Volume 2. 2007. Moscow, 300x235 mm, 852 col photos, col maps, index, In
English. Hdb, 408pp.
> This unique two-volume book is both a colourful album about Nature to 
> inspire enthusiasm in any naturalist, and a serious work of entomology 
> that compiles up-to-date knowledge on the distribution and life-history of
the butterflies (Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea & Papilionoidea) of North Asia.
The authors illustrate all the butterfly species, in natural conditions, of
this vast and little explored part of our planet.
> The book is based on observations and photographs by P. Y. Gorbunov 
> and O. E. Kosterin from their numerous expeditions (1986-2006) to 
> various parts of Ural, Siberia and the Russian Far East, on personal
communications and photographic donations of others, and on extensive
literature information.
> The introductory part of the book includes articles on "Asian Russia", 
> "Ecological complexes of North Asiatic butterflies and their 
> formation", "Butterfly life-cycle and stages", and "Variation of 
> butterflies". The articles orient the reader to the geography of the 
> area and to special biological terms.  They provide general concepts on
the Nature of North Asia, the ecology and life cycle of butterflies that
inhabit it, peculiarities of their intraspecific variation, and how local
faunistic complexes were formed in the course of the development of the
modern ecosystems.
> First and second volumes treats all 422 butterfly species of the fauna 
> of Asian Russia. Each species occupies 1-2 (rarely 3-5) pages, which 
> include a map of the species' distribution within Russia, colour 
> photographs of a typical habitat and of adult butterflies in their 
> natural environments, and, in some cases, there are also photographs 
> of caterpillars, pupae or a foodplant. Each species treatment consists 
> of nine
> sections:
> "Description" - the features of  the adult butterfly that distinguish 
> it from other species occurring in Asian Russia. They include wing
pattern, size variation (forewing length) and differences between males and
> "Distribution in Russia" - the geographic distribution of  the species 
> through natural regions. The known locations of rare species  are 
> given as administrative subdivisions of Russia: settlements, districts and
provinces. A map of the species' range within Russia is included.
> "Range outside Russia" - completes the previous section by characterizing
the entire range of the species. 
> "Habitat" - a brief description of landscapes inhabited by  the 
> species in Asian Russia, including its elevational distribution in
mountainous regions.
> "Flight - period" - information on the number of broods and flight period
of adults in different natural zones of Asian Russia. 
> When there is more than one brood, the seasonal variation of adults is
> "Habits" - the authors' observations of the behaviour of the species 
> in natural conditions: timing of daily activity, peculiarities of flight
behaviour, resting, feeding and mating behaviour.
> "Foodplants" - information regarding species and genera of larval
foodplants, both from the authors' observations and from the literature. 
> "Life - history" - information on the life style and appearance of the 
> preimaginal stages, where available. Where the information is not
available from Russia it is adopted (with relevant references) from adjacent
territories, mostly foreign Europe and Japan.
> "Variation" - brief characterization of geographical and intrapopulational
variation of the species in Asian Russia. 
> Only those subspecies are mentioned, with their diagnostic features, that
the authors consider worth isolating.
> The first volume, issued in 2003 contains introductory articles and 
> treatments for about 216 species of the families Hesperiidae, 
> Papilionidae, Pieridae, and Lycaenidae. The just issued second volume 
> contains information on 206 species in the remaining families
(Nymphalidae, Danaidae, Libytheidae, Satyridae). In particular, it contains
original descriptions of 12 new subspecies discovered by the authors mostly
in the scarcely explored extreme North-East of Asia: in Kamchatka and
Chukotka. Each volume ends with a reference list and index of Latin names of


The price of first volume is $165 and second volume - $190. Air-mail
delivery is $15 for one book and $25 for 2 books.

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