Ordering printed versions of Zookeys

Bruce Walsh jbwalsh at u.arizona.edu
Wed Mar 24 13:46:11 EDT 2010

As previously mentioned here, the on-line journal ZookEys has recently published
five major issues on North American moths, which are free online as pdf files,
A list of the five is given at the end of this email.

I just heard back from the publisher.  Here are the details (and prices) for
ordering printed versions

The prices for the separate issues are as follows:
#   9 - EURO 29
# 30 - EURO 32
# 38 - EURO 84
# 39 - EURO 52
# 40 - EURO 48
there is a 15% discount if you order all five.  Shipping is extra (roughly 55
Eur for airmail).  The best way to order these would be to send an email to
orders at pensoft.net.

the issues

“Contributions to the systematics of North American macro-moths” (ZooKeys 9, May
2009, 134 pp.) and “Contributions 
II” (ZooKeys 39, March 2010, 268 pp.) include
16 papers contributed by 22 authors on the systematics of macro-moths of North
and Central America.

A revision of the noctuid genus Lasionycta (ZooKeys 30, Dec 2009, 156 pp.)
included keys, descriptions, and illustrations of 43 species, 17 new.

“An annotated check list of the Lepidoptera of Alberta, Canada” (ZooKeys 38,
March 2010, 549 pp.) lists 2367 species with 171 distributional or taxonomic

“Annotated check list of the Noctuoidea of North America north of Mexico”
(ZooKeys 40, March 2010, 239 pp.) lists 3693 species and includes 716 taxonomic
notes and 331 literature references documenting all changes from the previous
1983 check list.


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