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Fri May 7 17:09:01 EDT 2010

I am guessing many do not know about a discussion group called 
DesertLeps, founded February 25, 2006. The purpose of this message is to 
make you aware of it. In additon to including the Southwestern U.S. 
states (as the name might imply), the discussion group also includes any 
state or area with desert or desert like conditions ( e.g., high 
deserts, areas with significantly lower annual rainfall totals). 
Consequently, it also includes Texas, areas of Mexico peripatric to the 
U.S., and all Western states (with the exception of Hawaii and Alaska) 
as defined by the US Census Bureau. The totality of these states (plus 
Mexico) generally corresponds to the California and Rocky Mountain 
subregions of the Nearctic as defined by Wallace, and the "Arid" 
subregion as defined by Allen (which closely corresponds to the Wallace 

You can learn more about the group at   .
ButterflyDigest does not have the recent discussions that took place in 
DesertLeps, such as the 240 messages from last month and the ones to 
date for this month. You have to be a member to view them.
Stan Gorodenski


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