Lyside Sulphur -- Questions

Alan Wormington wormington at
Mon Apr 25 18:04:29 EDT 2011


I would be interested to know of any unusual activity re Lyside Sulphur
this spring anywhere in its normal range.

The reason I ask, is that in late March a dead Lyside Sulphur was found
on the grounds of the University of Guelph, Wellington County, Ontario. 
There is no prior record of Lyside Sulphur for Ontario nor Canada.

I won't list the possible scenarios why this Lyside Sulphur found itself
dead on a university campus during a very cold spring.

Step one is to ask if there has been any unusual occurrences of the
species in the south.  (I was in southmost Texas mid-January to
mid-February and saw the expected low numbers at a couple of locations.)

Alan Wormington
Leamington, Ontario
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