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Sun Aug 21 15:09:46 EDT 2011

Please forgive the cross-post.  I will be leaving for AZ on Sept 2 from Ohio.  Wanting to do a lot of lepping along the way.  I have planned 2 hours per day while traveling for lepping and friend visiting.  I have been given some ideas for butterfly hunting in Iowa, the Memphis area and Kentucky, but would like to get some more input on good places to stop.  Preferrably places that would maximize number of species rather than looking for an individual species (unless its a sure bet).  Below is schedule with location of specific areas I am looking for site ideas:
Sat Sept 3 - nw Mississippi
Sun Sept 4 - southern Arkansas
Mon Sept 5 - Texas (Texarkana to Lubbock,  thought I'd stop @ LBJ Grassland, other ideas?)
Weds Sept 14 - Colorado (I-25 then east on US34)
Thurs Sept 15 - southern Nebraska 
Sat Sept 17 - Illinois along I-74
All suggestions would be appreciated.  THX


Chris Kline 
Sugar Grove, Ohio
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