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Hello all,

I am posting because 1: I promised I would, and 2: because I know you all will help me find the answers I am searching for.

I am a first year MS student at South Dakota State University, and am asking the following question on behalf of my lab mate. She is from Bolivia and is studying the following taxa. She is interested in finding experts to talk to regarding these taxa regarding either rearing them or any knowledge you all have to share about them. Vero (my lab mate) is working on finishing up her second year on her MS degree. Thank you all for your time and support!

Taxa of interest:

Diptera: Cecidomyiidae (Chilophaga virgati).

Lepidortera: Blastobasidae or Coleophoridae  (Blastobasis repartella).


Laura B. Winkler

Graduate Research Assistant

Plant Science Department

South Dakota State University


laura.winkler at sdstate.edu<mailto:laura.winkler at sdstate.edu>

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