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George Beccaloni G.Beccaloni at nhm.ac.uk
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We would like to let the Lepidoptera community know that the London
Natural History Museum's Global Lepidoptera Names Index (LepIndex)
online database (see
http://www.nhm.ac.uk/research-curation/research/projects/lepindex/) has
just been updated, thanks to the efforts of Ian Kitching, Thomas
Simonsen, Adrian Hine, Chris Lyal, Justin Ollerenshaw and Peter Wing
All information missing from database fields relating to the current
valid scientific name of a taxon were filled in using information from
the index card images or the literature. A number of corrections were
also made to the taxonomy, including all those that users had kindly
informed us of since 2005. About 2 person-years of hard work (largely by
Justin & Peter) have been invested in this upgrade.

Just to remind you what LepIndex is:-

LepIndex is a digitised and updated version of the unique index card
archive to the scientific names of the living and fossil butterflies and
moths of the world at the Natural History Museum (London). This card
index was produced by the museum's lepidopterists over many decades and
contains about 95% of all currently valid Lepidoptera names (15,578
genus and 157,474  species names in total), together with synonyms,
misspellings and misidentifications.
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